Elasticsearch + WordPress: made for each other!

If you landed here is that you probably have a keen interest in bringing a more powerful search engine into your WordPress site and you have heard about Elasticsearch, the relatively new document oriented, RESTful search server based on Lucene.

There are many reasons why one uses Elasticsearch so I won’t get into much details, I will only show you the steps to get up and running with WordPress + Elasticsearch on your VPS server running ubuntu (or whatever linux distro you prefer but I will only show ubuntu commands)*.

Here we go!

Step 1: Install Java and Elasticsearch (and you thought you could get rid of Java didn’t you?)

Step 2: Install Elasticpress and start the index process.

Step 3: Relax. The search just got a thousand time better!


* You can do this on Windows if you really like the trouble. It’s up to you really.


PSSST! Leave a comment if you are interesting in searching non published posts in the WordPress admin.