Wood working 101: creating a box from scratch

My wife and I recently came to the realization that we didn’t have a nice place to store all of the things that we to keep to remember our son Nolan who was stillborn.

So I asked my uncle to help us build a box from scratch. So we set sail for a whole weekend to learn the art of wood working.

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VPN split tunneling on Mac default client (Cisco IPsec)

The first thing one needs to do is identify your router gateway ip address. To do that simply check the routing table:

$ netstat -rn
Routing tables

Destination        Gateway            Flags        Refs      Use   Netif Expire
default             UGScI          83        0     en3           UGHS            3      262     en3

The top of the routing table will show the default gateway (make sure you are off the vpn to run that).

Next step is to go ahead and connect to the vpn (when doing so go to the network pannel and note your new ip address.

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Contact Widgets – A Plugin to showcase your social links & contact informations

Building a simple but highly flexible contact & social widget that works well in the customizer is hard. This was our core philosophy while working on the version 1 of this plugin and I do hope it proves useful for many people out there. Please check out for new features and releases in the coming weeks.

Here is a screenshot of the contact widget as of version 1.0.0 (note that you can reorder most fields using simple drag and drop. This works on mobile as well.)

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WP Tavern has a great review about the mentionable plugin

Mentionable is a plugin I’ve engineered (with all other amazing talent at XWP) while working on the 56th Grammy’s website.  It allows you to link content inline using the familiar “@mention” syntax.

To read the full review, follow the link:


Elasticsearch + WordPress: made for each other!

If you landed here is that you probably have a keen interest in bringing a more powerful search engine into your WordPress site and you have heard about Elasticsearch, the relatively new document oriented, RESTful search server based on Lucene.

There are many reasons why one uses Elasticsearch so I won’t get into much details, I will only show you the steps to get up and running with WordPress + Elasticsearch on your VPS server running ubuntu (or whatever linux distro you prefer but I will only show ubuntu commands)*.

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