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  • On air quality, Covid19 and house hunting

    The subject of air quality has been prominent during the Covid19 pandemic. It is not a secret that good air quality and air renewal/filtering was helping a lot in reducing the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. But what does it have to do with house hunting?? Have you ever searched for a house and wanted…

  • Resolve custom domain or .tld to local machine using Dnsmasq

    I know there are lots of tutorial out there to setup and use Dnsmasq, but bare with me this is also for my own sake (so I don’t have to look on how to do it the next time I setup a computer from scratch).

  • WP Tavern has a great review about the mentionable plugin

    Mentionable is a plugin I’ve engineered (with all other amazing talent at XWP) while working on the 56th Grammy’s website.  It allows you to link content inline using the familiar “@mention” syntax. To read the full review, follow the link:

  • Have you ever wanted to apply php code sniffer validation on certain folders only in PhpStorm (for example when you do plugin development and you want to exclude the core of your libraries)? Follow these four steps to create custom scope make them available in the inspection column.

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  • PhpStorm custom icons

    PhpStorm custom icons

    I stumble upon an excellent icon alternative made by Bernard Kowalski to the boring standard PhpStorm icon. You can download it here 😉 Here are the steps to replace your PhpStorm icon so it shows within the application itself: Right-click on and Show Package Contents Navigate to Contents/Resources/ Replace webide.icns with custom icon (making sure the…