• PhpStorm custom icons

    PhpStorm custom icons

    I stumble upon an excellent icon alternative made by Bernard Kowalski to the boring standard PhpStorm icon. You can download it here 😉 Here are the steps to replace your PhpStorm icon so it shows within the application itself: Right-click on PhpStorm.app and Show Package Contents Navigate to Contents/Resources/ Replace webide.icns with custom icon (making sure the…

  • Why is my site broken?

    Why is my site broken?

    If you are a WordPress developer/freelancer, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard your client say this more than once. Unfortunately, there is no core user activity log in WordPress and no easy way to tell who broke the site by modifying that “pesky” blog settings. Of course, one could remove admin privileges on the site, but…

  • Base 16

    Base 16

    For those who are fans of the Base 16 color syntax for sublime, here is an adapted version for PHPStorm. Enjoy!

  • Read the original article on X-Team.com One pitfall I’ve recently encountered with Vagrant and WP-CLI was the lack of an easy way to use my local WP-CLI installation to send a command to my Vagrant box. X-Team’s Weston Ruter first developed an incredible tool called vassh, which basically removes the pain of having to manually SSH into the…